Our Mission

New Promise Neuropathy, a thriving healthcare institution, was born from a deep-rooted passion for transformative patient care and a commitment to addressing a pressing medical need. The motivation behind its inception is a testament to the dedication of its founder, Dr. Alavi, and his unwavering desire to make a difference in the lives of those grappling with peripheral neuropathy.

The journey of New Promise Neuropathy began with a realization – that peripheral neuropathy, a condition that affects countless individuals, required a specialized approach and holistic care that extended beyond conventional medicine. Dr. Alavi recognized the need to blend the principles of evidence-based medicine with compassionate, patient-centered care to offer comprehensive solutions.

Motivated by the desire to alleviate the suffering of those living with neuropathic pain and discomfort, Dr. Alavi embarked on a mission to establish a healthcare facility that could provide cutting-edge treatments and therapies. His vision was not merely to treat symptoms but to understand the underlying causes of neuropathy and tailor treatments to the unique needs of each patient.

The motivation behind New Promise Neuropathy was, and continues to be, the genuine concern for patient's well-being. Dr. Alavi's commitment to evidence-based medicine, holistic care, and the belief in individualized treatment plans remains at the core of the institution's ethos. This motivation has propelled New Promise Neuropathy to be a beacon of hope for those seeking relief from neuropathic conditions.

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